Thursday, 11 June 2009


Many Japanese cultures comes from East Asia on Silk-road.And so does the Kimono pattern called SARASA = chintz or batik.

The old synthetic SARASA batik looks like sepia-films.Smoky pink & smoky orange flowers and blue leaves and (sometimes mysterious tropical birds) on bluish green ground. The fabric has crispy face imitated traditional silk CHIRIMEN fabric.

The combination is plain white, SILK 100% one.This comes from edge of Edokomon (Very formal small pattern dyed / printed fabric).

The tough sytnetic batik and soft pure silk conbination makes very unique and beautiful looks.

I named this ponytail holder "SUMMER ON SILKROAD" because of the SARASA fabric pattern and also the two colours combination reminds me of Mosk and of celadon.I wish you will love the ponytail holder back on silkroad to you.

-Natsu, designer and woker for N'Needlework

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