Friday, 10 July 2009


Shou chiku bai, the most japanese-like pattern motif (motives), are used for marking lines or just for congratulatory occasion.
Shou is MATSU = pine tree, Chiku is TAKE = bamboo and Bai is UME =Japanese plum.

Pine tree is ever green. This means ever-lasting prosperity.
Bamboo is loved because their strong propagation means family's propagation. And also their streightness reminds you BUSHI DOU = samurai's policy.

Most people think the most japanese like flower is Sakura =cherry, but anciently it was UME when you say HANA (flower).
Ume is fruitful not only beautiful.
I think that is one of the reason ancient Japanese people love this plant.

The picture is my latest craft, hand mirror.
I wish the conbination will bring you many fortunes!!

- Natsu