Friday, 4 September 2009

Kimono Ponytail Holder MAGICAL MALLET

This was one-of-a-kind holder.I wish this mallet will bring her lovely days!!

Some of you might know, you can often see mallets as Kimono motif. This is called MAGICAL MALLET, just like Aladdin's magical lamp, you can get anything knocking this mallet.

You can see Magical Mallet half shown on this ponytail holder.
Very soft but thick silk Kimono fabric is Japanese tradtional blue and has tiny dot on it.
It is alsmot secretaly but you can see dots are also woven.

I wish the half shown Koduchi (Magical Mallet)will bring you very lucky and magically lovely days to you.
Half-shown means, I am quite sure, you already have the half of this Koduchi inside of you.


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