Friday, 4 September 2009

Measurements of Kimono Ruffle Ponytail Holder's

I got a question about my ponytail holder's measurements. So now, please let me update about it with some photos.

1. Width
My ponytail holder's "width" is measured LAID FLAT but not ring.

2. Circum
This was not in her questions, but the "circum" is the round of the holder's around of the circle of ponytail holder. ( Actually I streched out the ponytail holder and measure the half of it , and then mutiply into double.

3. How many times does it tie around a ponytail?
The photo is the ponytail holder which is used 6 inches elastic.
In my case, I could do twice (double).

If you think you would like to three times, I am carrying and will recommend you one of 8 inches elastic used.

If you have any questions about my products, please convo me from Etsy.
- Natsu

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