Saturday, 31 October 2009

Edo Murasaki Purple

This is very simple but very delicate crafted fabric. Very light silk and it has pattern woven surfaced.

The colour is very dark violet, called EDO MURASAKI (Literally, Edo period or city Purple/violet) in Japanese.The Edo people loved this colour as it is coolest - "Iki". If I express this colour, I can say "Egg plant violet".Very beatiful and elegant colour.

Murasaki -purple- was traditionally the colour for high-classed people.
In Asuka Period, very acient japanese, (D.C. 603), the Twelve Level Cap and Rank System was establised and in this rank, the colour of purple was ranked as the most highest.
Also, in Edo period, Hachimaki (=headband) in this colour was a kind of fashion.
This is the origin of this name of "Edo Murasaki", the most popular colour in Edo city or Edo period.
The dye of the Murasaki purple was made from a kind of Medicine for headache or for fever in Edo period and so that sick Samurai wore Murasaki (purple) headband for a kind of folk magical medicine. (You can see those scene in Japanese classical cinemas.)
In Kabuki, an actor who acted "Sukeroku" wore Edomurasaki Headband in an act and this got popularized the colour and headband to Edo people.
and Kyoto city, the most popular and the most classical city in japan use Murasaki as their symbol colour.

Friday, 23 October 2009

SUSAN series

Oh, it is really exciting! I made new designed scrunchie.

I named after Susan, who gave me this wonderful idea of this "combo scrunchie".

Combo scrunchie is consited from two scrunchies.
Making one scrunchie and twisted another one around it.

Very time consuming, but I really love to make it.
I wish you also enjoy my new combo scrunchie.

- Natsu