Monday, 31 January 2011

Kimono Apron

I wear Kappougi , a traditional apron everyday.
It is what I wore in this picture.
Kappou means "cooking" and GI means "wear".

The white one looks the most traditional and ordinary, but we have patterned one or coloured too. A Kappougi have square opened neck and wide sleeves to cover your Kimono, to work easier. This is really "Retro" item and I believe Japanese feel like "OLD GOOD DAYS" and "OLD MOTHER"s.


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I wash my Kimono by myself

Because I wore "COTTON" Kimono or "WOOL", I can wash my Kimono by myself.

For silk Kimono, I know the olders did by their-selves with special tools such as Hariita and Shinshi. These decades, they become obsolete.


Kimono Remake

I took this snap in the middle of summer.
So my daughter is wearing Jinbei in this pic.

I did not sew Kimono itself. But I re-made this Kimono into Kimono-Jacket.

This was very short as Kimono.


I wear Kimono almost everyday

I hope posts about my everyday with Kimono would be good help for this blog enjoyable.

I wear Kimono almost everyday.
I do everything , such as cooking, clean-ups, laundry , grocery shopping....

In this picture, I wore cotton Kimono and cotton Obi.
I like the Obi. This is one of my favourite.
Kamon (Crests) on ivory ground.


I am working !