Monday, 31 January 2011

Kimono Apron

I wear Kappougi , a traditional apron everyday.
It is what I wore in this picture.
Kappou means "cooking" and GI means "wear".

The white one looks the most traditional and ordinary, but we have patterned one or coloured too. A Kappougi have square opened neck and wide sleeves to cover your Kimono, to work easier. This is really "Retro" item and I believe Japanese feel like "OLD GOOD DAYS" and "OLD MOTHER"s.



  1. Oh I need to make one so bad!

  2. > Sparrow-san
    Thank you for your comment. You can get Kappougi in Kimono shop. They are under 3000-yen. If you could get them at Kimono Thrifty shop, then they are usually at 1000-yen or under.
    Hope you could get one. They are so useful!