Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Taking care of Tabi?

I always wear White Tabi as socks because I usually wear Kimono.
I wash my Tabi by myself, by washing machine.
I do not want the Tabi's clip to damage other laundry.
So I will put them in a cleaning net.

After you pick them out from a net, after machine-washing, you will find crispy Tabi just like Number 1 in the following pictures.
So today , I would like to share how I handle my Tabi when I wash them.
My mom (in law) taught me how.

See picture No. 2 ; Put your hand into Tabi. Push the Tabi's fingers out by your pointer finger and middle finger.

No.3 ; Stay your fingers inside the Tabi , and take Tabi's ankle by the other hand, and stretch out the seams of the Tabi covering.

No.4 ; take the ankle and heel, stretch out the clips's cords.

No.5 ; put your hand into heel and stretch the sole.

No.6 ; fold the Tabi at the seam line of the covering, and once again stretch the line.

I think you can do this at random. Just stretching "seams" and strings.

Not so big differences between "do" or " not-do", but I feel they will be easy to wear when you do.