Monday, 14 March 2011

Tsunami and earthquake attacked East japan

Coming back from Japanese Nichibu lesson, I was talking about it to my mom in law. My daughter, two months to her three year birthday, climbing up me and talked me how she spent her hours with her grand-ma.

"Earthquake!?" shouted me and my daughter almost same time. We come under a dining table.
It was the biggest one as long as I can remember. It was frightened me very much. I think my scare was affected to my daughter. She cried. I said to her that she did not have to worry anything, because I was there for her, and her grand-ma too. But I think I was more frightened than her.

My daughter still wake up , crying. I believe she have a mare of the earthquake.

But we are all right after all. Concerning about people in the north, it was nothing what we experienced.

Old japanese saying, "JISHIN (earthquake), KAMINARI (lightening and thunder), KAJI (fires) , Oyaji ( a father)", these are the biggest four you are frightened.
We know we always came throughout difficulties of Jishin, Tusnami and storms, Fires.
My grand-mothers, who were born in late 18th did, came through wars and KantouDaishinsai, a big earthquake disaster. By their generation, Japanese Kimono was always recycled as Kimono, then as sleeping clothing, then covering, bags, Sashes, ... last being cleaning cloths.

I once again think about the greatness of Nature, greatness of power.
Not natural. We are very lucky.

So I decide I will save electronics powers and other powers as ecological as I can do.
I will use everything better and valuate them at the last of the last.

At last, of course but not at least, we received many many kind words and messages to Japan.
We would like to thank you all! We are so encouraged by your warm messages.
Thank you very much for your thought, for your prays.

Sincerely yours,

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