Monday, 27 June 2011

washing instruction for my products

<< Scrunchy >>
Silk : Might be shrink, but washable by hand. Use cold water. When you will use soap, try weaker one. Do not use a bleach.
(I washed my silk scrunchie by myself HERE

Cotton & Polyester : Washable by hand &  by machine. You can use any soap. But do not use a bleach.

* For all items, I believe you do not need ironing.
* If the scrunchy is constructed from two kind of materials, please take care in order of priority ; 1. Silk  2.Cotton and  3.Polyester

<< Thimble Ring,Toothpick Case, Thread Card >>
If it has any stains, please use a wet towel, which should be squeezed well.

<< Food picks or Cupcake Toppers>>
Use once and throw it away.


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