Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I washed my Yukata and linen Kimono

I finally washed my Yukata and linen Kimono.

Actually, I did this BY MACHINE WASHING~~~~!!!
Putting each of them in laundry nets, just push the "start" button with a kind of "braveness".

Yes, as imagined, they were finished in really crinkled.
But do not worry! Pat them very carefully they will be fine.
Hang them by laundry poles as the top photo.

After dried under sunny sky (but being in shades is preferouble), 

Fold them carefully.
And let's keep them in TATOUGAMI (as some Japanese people believe the 畳紙 as Tatoushi. But Tatougami is correct. Actually I have called them Tatoushi before ;-))

I am tiding up my summer Kimono and Yukata gradually.


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