Monday, 24 October 2011

new scrunchy HIDARI-UMA

The title of this scrunchy "Hidari Uma" is written as 左馬 in Kanji Chinese Character. This literary means "left horse", or meaning reversed letter (or character) of "horse",  as you can see the Kanji (Chinese Character) 馬 in reverse in the photo.

This is from Japanese old traditional belief , a kind of  superstition. Yes, as always.
And also, this is famous as Japanese craft of Shougi (Japanese chess)'s playing piece originally Tendou, Yamagata Japan.

This reversed "Horse(character)" is loved as lucky charm, because
1. Horse never fall down to left, but always to right. So, the horse which forwards left is believed as "NEVER FELL DOWN". Also, we ride on a horse from his right to avoid his falling down.
Actually, I do not know these are right.

2. Also, horse is always taken by man. Now "reverse"  these two objects. A man is taken by horse = horses bring many people = business welcoming many people prosperously.

3. Horse (U MA) in Japanese. Reverse these two letters, MA U is same sound of verse MAU (Dance). Japanese Mai is usually for ritual and for congrats. So, reversed U MA is lucky.

4. And no one in your right = you are No.1

The fabric of Hidariuma is from a left of Obi fabric. The piece of fabric I used for this scrunchy has Hyoutan too. Hyoutan (gourd)is also believed as lucky charm, as lucky pot.

So now, how many people get "Ah-ha" ?
Hyoutan (Gourd) and horse?
Do you know Japanese old saying Horse (Koma) from Hyoutan Gourd?(Koma is currently expressing "Japanese chess's piece" too.)

This means; Unexpected lucky thing happens unexpectedly.

I wish this scrunchy will bring you many fortunes!

- Natsu

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