Thursday, 29 December 2011

Oshougatsu, New Year coming

We are preparing to welcome a new year.

Kagami mochi. Main Kagamimochi placed next to Kamidana (Shintoh alter).
The ship is for Japanese main 7 gods to travel to ours.
An orange, Dai-dai in Japanese means "the generation to a generation", wishing the family prosperity.

Small Kagami-moch are for each rooms including the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Place them like this.

This is pine branch for Matsu Kazari, for gate or front door's decoration.

for car too.

We are preparing Osech, dishes welcoming a new year.
This is Kazunoko (herring roe). To exclude salt, we put them in water (with bit salt in the water)


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Kimono everyday, everyday,,,,

Update some of my everyday's Kimono pics.

This is my favorite cotton Kimono. Pink beige with small Sashiko dots.
I found this Kimono will go with variety of Obi.

Summer wool. I like this yellow Obijime. The apron, girly preppy apron. Lovely. But this apron is bit too short for Kimono.

I did great erinuki !!

Clipped the last clasps of Tabi. I read about this in a book. Early Shouwa , this style was so edgey. Clipping the last one and fold ankle cloth down (wrong side shown).
I remember that the day I took this photo was very hot and humid day. After taking shower, I tried the tabi folds.

- Natsu

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Origami Jewelry

As most women do, I love jewelries. Actually I do not wear and do not purchase much accessories because I wear Kimono. I know recently younger people love to wear accessories with Kimono. But I do not like to do.

But I still love look through Etsy to find something lovely with Kimono.

How lovely those Origami Jewelries!!

Orizuru Crane Pendant Top  by Lu Lu ( YQY Jewelry)

Kazaguruma Pinwheel Earrings by Lu Lu ( YQY Jewelry)

You can find more lovely jewelries at her shop!