Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Kimono everyday, everyday,,,,

Update some of my everyday's Kimono pics.

This is my favorite cotton Kimono. Pink beige with small Sashiko dots.
I found this Kimono will go with variety of Obi.

Summer wool. I like this yellow Obijime. The apron, girly preppy apron. Lovely. But this apron is bit too short for Kimono.

I did great erinuki !!

Clipped the last clasps of Tabi. I read about this in a book. Early Shouwa , this style was so edgey. Clipping the last one and fold ankle cloth down (wrong side shown).
I remember that the day I took this photo was very hot and humid day. After taking shower, I tried the tabi folds.

- Natsu


  1. I love the tabi style! By clipping do you actually mean cutting it off?

  2. Hi,Lyuba-chan, thank you so much for your comment.I am sorry for my bad expression. Clipping I said was hooking, hooking the last (the bottom) clip and do not have to other three clips.I wish it's clear now....