Thursday, 13 December 2012

New Treasury List, and my toothpick cases!

My toothpick cases (set of three) was featured by a TL, which was curated by Jelena Karpjuka -san from HelenDream Etsy.
It is like a night of desert, mysterious and peaceful.


Sunday, 9 December 2012

I was included on a TL by Kelly

This is a Treasury List by Kelly.
Thank you for including my toothpick case!


Monday, 26 November 2012


If you are familier with Japanaese martial arts, Shodou Calligraphy or any other Japanese cultural activity, you may see Tasukigake.
Crossing and fold up your sleeves by a long sash, we can easily move and work when you dress Kimono.

My Tasukihimo sash is always shrinks but I could make it really beautifully this day, and shoot it.
This reminds me Japanese Jidaigeki film, "Kenkakushoubai", a young wife of the old great AkiyamaKohei Sensei.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How to make Japanese Ume Plum Ornament?

How do I make my scrunchie?

How do I make my scrunchie?

I would like to share "how to make a scrunchy". I know you are able to find any good tutorials. But I would like to share this and would like you to know how my scrunchie is nice ; )

Finished Measurement : appx. 18inches round x 1 and a half inches flat width

Materials :
1/2 yard x 4 inches of fabric (including 1/8 inches margin)
Hand sewing thread
Appx 9" elastic

Tools :
Hand sewing needle (Or if you like, sewing machine)
Elastic threader (or safety pin can be alternative)

1. fold half and stitch the ends

Place the fabric inside out and fold it into half.
Stitch the ends. I always start and end with
double stitching (backing stitching ).
2. roll or fold upper layer

2. Place the seam (which you sew 1.) in
the centre. This is because we would like
to start from the around of the seam.
Fold the upper layer just like the right photo.
3. wrap the "fold" by outer layer
 3. Wrap the folded fabric by the outer fabric. edges
of outer layer
4 .  Put the top and bottom edges of
the outer layer together.
5. meet the corner
5. Take care the inside fabric and to meet
the corner of the seam.
6. pin
6. Pin every inches or less
7. every inch
or less
7. If there are any remarkable patterns and
if possible, we have to adjust and fix the
pattern meets neatly.
8. start stitching
8. Start stitching and make it a tube ring.
I always start from a half inches back from
the seam (which we sewed at the step 1.)
*This is because we would like to hide any "seams"
when we wear it. Although we will try the "opening"
to be unremarkable. Please see the later steps.

Also, be careful not to stitch the inside fabric. 
9. keep the margin
& short rest
9. Keeping appx. 1/8 inches margin from the
edges. Continuing sewing, come to the short left, 
10. pull the
"inside folding" out 
10. pull out the inside fabric. 
11. Continue
to the "almost end"
11. there we have more miles to go....
12. "Almost"
coming back to the starting point

12. There you can see the starting point.
Left the opening/mouth a inch or two from
the starting, make an end.
13. backing stitching
 13. I make an end by double stitching
--stitch back and forth.
14. Take out the inside fabric from the mouth.
15. Right side
will be shown
15. Now you see the right side of the fabric.
You made a tube ring.
16. use elastic
16. Now, we are going to thread a elastic
from the opening mouth. You can substitute
a safety pin.
17. Insert the
elastic threader from the mouth
17. Insert the threader from the mouth.
18. pin the other
end of the elastic
18. If it would be any help to thread the
elastic easily, pin the other end of the elastic
around the mouth.
19. threading
19. threading
20. Threader come back to the mouth, 
21. sew the ends
of the elastic
21. stitch the elastic's both ends. Of course
you can tie them. But I do not want make
knot which might be any uncomfortable.
22. close the
22. Now we have to close the opening mouth.
23. closing simply
You can close the mouth simply. But I like it
to be a "unremarkable" mouth. So,
I use a "technic".

24.-1 Start from
24. I am sure European style stitching have
same technic. But I do not know how to say
in English. Treading from inside and start. 
 24-2.Sew one stitch and come across
the fabric. 
24-3 And sew one stitch, go across the fabric,,,
and continue to the end.
"One stitch" is always under the fabric. Thread come (and go) across at
the same level.

25. Make a knot at the end of the mouth and threading inside. Pull the thread strongly, then you can hide the knot.
Threading out the needle bit far from the mouth, and cut the thread.


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Four items PIF listed

Though, one of those PIF items has just sold but three are left.
Please enjoy my PIF offer!

*PIF = pay it forward
This means , in Etsy,  "free" or "very low price" item.
Wishing your PIF to others after receiving mine..


Monday, 1 October 2012

My ring was featured by TL of Japanese Geisha Mama by Joey-san

Japanese Geisha Mama by Joey-san

The last one of this TL is my ring with Kimono fabric covered dome.

The fabric is silk 100% Kimono.Red with tiny dots.


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rinzu Fabric

Also, I added a new scrunchy.
This kimono fabric is called Rinzu (綸子). Pattern woven fabric.

We can see Rinzu fabric today but old Rinzu has much more variety of patterns.
I think the most popular woven pattern for Rinzu is Saya-gata. And old ones , for example, landscapes, flowers, crowds, and many more patterns or sometimes mixed of those all patterns in one bolt. It is really fun to see them.

Not only gorgeous patterns woven, many old Rinzu fabric has drawings or dye-works on it (not only solid coloured).

You can enjoy those Japanese gorgeous crafts in such a tiny fabric of scrunchies!
Why don't you visit my shop and try it?
I am accepting a custom order too.
Let me know if you have any questions ;-)


Monday, 24 September 2012

She sells seashells on the sea shore!

My new scrunchie.

The dark green fabric is layered fabric, which is two pieces of thin indian cotton layered. A kind of batik I think. A starfish or star shells dyed on the fabric, stitched around the starfish by natural color thick thread.
I coordinate gently green with it. 
This scrunhie reminds me a memories of summer beach with my little brother and my parents. As I lived a town near to Tokyo, "sea" and "beach" was always very special place for me.
I expected post this new scrunchy in early summer, though , I hassled other "trinket " households and I list this item now.It is a kind of memoir of this summer. Hope you will find your own beautiful summer memories in this scrunchy. (Or, I hope this scrunchie will tie your bunch of summer photgraphs :-)
Visit my shop and see more lovely Kimono scrunchies!!


Sunday, 9 September 2012

New comers to my desk!

I've just welcomed new comers to my craft desk.
Glue and pin of staplers.



Monday, 3 September 2012

Plum Hair Clips -Custom made and reserved items-

I made plum hair clips for custom made order and packed them all.

I always enjoy to work for custom made orders.


Monday, 27 August 2012

Kimono everyday, Yukata in summer

I took a shot of  one of ordinary summer days. I do not know how mommies in the world play with their children everyday. And I know its depends on each families of course.

In my case, I do not have drivers licence, nor even a bicycle(!!), so I always take my daughter to neighbor small squares by walk.
One of our favourite square has a small stream. Although it would be dried up while winter, but we love to walk on the stony isle.

Taking off Geta, down in the stream. Lovely noon.



Monday, 13 August 2012

I was featured a TL, Blue and Blueberry!!

I was featured in another treasury list. This breezing TL was curated by Jelena-san. Thank you!!