Tuesday, 17 January 2012

nanakusa gayu 7 herbs porridge

We have 7 kinds of herbs, which is called "nana (7) Kusa (herbes)" on the 7th of Jan.
(to Wiki ? here)

Water dropwort (芹 : せり seri)
Shepherd's Purse (薺 : なずな nazuna)
Cudweed (御形 : ごぎょう gogyō)
Chickweed (繁縷 : はこべら hakobera)
Nipplewort (仏の座 : ほとけのざ hotokenoza)
Turnip (菘 : すずな suzuna)
Radish (蘿蔔 : すずしろ suzushiro)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Osechi plates for Oshougatsu

Recently, Osechi Ryouri boxes are not home made but sold. Of course some of Japanese families cook and made them by theirselves.

At our home, we partly home-cook. But for most of them, we bought Oju (Osechi box) for this New Year.

This is our home made cook. But not osechi, just cooked vegetables.

Home cooked Namasu, this is one of Osechi quisin.

ummm !! Gooooogeous!


Ebi shrimps (wish for long life, until your back become round = like gran'ma and gran'dad!)

Kobu and tarako =  Komochi Kobu
Kobu (kombutangle(weed)kelp) is a part of the word of Yorokobu , which means be happy!
And tarako (eggs) are for wish for family prosperity.

Kuromame (black beans) , wish for work well.
and next to it, yellow one Kazunoko. Wish for fortune.

Gomame, small fishes are for wish for work well too.

Kurikinton chestnuts = fortune 

Red and white Kamaboko dumpling.

I like home made thing, but this quisins are all nice and we all enjoyed them!!