Sunday, 22 April 2012

I was on a Treasury List!

Mysterious treasury list, by Maryanee-san.

 My pocket toothpick holder set was on it. Tear drops? rain drops? This is happy tear drops, of course.


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Shawl pin

I like Kimono shawl. My mother in law told me it is bit "yabo - not cool-" to use shawl pin with it. But I like to use it. I do not like my hand would be obsessed on shawl.That's all. I usually use very simple pin.I thought I wish to have more lovely one, well suit to Kimono style.

* Material
Vintage Kimono fabric silk 100% for covering
Pin : metal

The round ornament : dia approx 1 inch
Pin's measurement : approx 3 inches

* Smoke free, pet free studio

This pin is for shawl, for wrap skirt, or as a brooch, anything you would like.

The fabric is from a romantic Kimono fabric, which was loved my grand aunt. It is not recycled one, but from the rest of her custom made Kimono. I made many scrunchies, rings, toothpick holders and other crafts from this fabric. I really love this fabric. I embroidered on the original fabric, outlining the blue ethnic patterns.It is very small piece of fabric to be used for this pin, but I think I succeeded 
in spot-lighting the fabric's loveliness. 

Wishing you love this shawl pin and stay with you forever.


Monday, 16 April 2012

New listing, Obidome

I made an Obidome from my favorite Kimono fabric. Obidome is a charm like a brooch, which is used on Obi sash threading Obijime cord.
You can use this charm as a pendant top by threading chain through the loops on the back.

This listing comes only Obidome charm, not including any obijime codes nor any pendant chains.
Sanbu-himo type of Obijime would be suitable for this Obidome..

The Kimono fabric was rest of my mom in law's custom made Kimono.Very lovely flowers and obstruct patterns dyed by black dye on white Rinzu (pattern woven surface) fabric.The dyeing pattern is just like Kirie Cutting Works.It looks very classic.

I wish you love my Obidome. I am sure this Obidome brooch will enjoy your Kimono life.


Thursday, 12 April 2012

My scrunchie is on a Treasury List!!

My scrunchie is on a list of Modern Geisha Style tred from Japan by AYA,