Monday, 24 September 2012

She sells seashells on the sea shore!

My new scrunchie.

The dark green fabric is layered fabric, which is two pieces of thin indian cotton layered. A kind of batik I think. A starfish or star shells dyed on the fabric, stitched around the starfish by natural color thick thread.
I coordinate gently green with it. 
This scrunhie reminds me a memories of summer beach with my little brother and my parents. As I lived a town near to Tokyo, "sea" and "beach" was always very special place for me.
I expected post this new scrunchy in early summer, though , I hassled other "trinket " households and I list this item now.It is a kind of memoir of this summer. Hope you will find your own beautiful summer memories in this scrunchy. (Or, I hope this scrunchie will tie your bunch of summer photgraphs :-)
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