Monday, 11 February 2013

Kushi comb case

 Checking through my dictionary, Tsuge (ツゲ) is called "box tree or box wood" in English.
Kushi (japanese comb) of Tsuge is loved for such a long time.
I really love one too.

I made its cover (protector).

(Price : 15.88 in USD. I would like to have measurement of your comb for custom made order.)

Satisfied with my work :-)


I was featured by a TL :-)

I am so proud of myself to be in this beautiful treasury list by Eva Sossnitza -san from esozadesign. 

My toothpick case in the right one of the last row.


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Making geta covers , Tsumakawa, Mukougake

Making Geta covers. They are called Tsumakawa (Tsumagawa) or Mukougake. To protect your foot on Geta from rain, snow and freezing air.

Aya-san from Aya's kawaii mono ya san tried my Geta covers last holiday season. I hope you can see her lovely Kimono style her FB time line.

The Bambi fur is now sold out and I am now making new fur Tumakawa.

Wishing you like them too.