The idea of reusable facial cotton fell to me suddenly in June 2010.I used them by myself and I believe they are really eco-friendly. Also this must be life-friendly too, as we will be happy to have something special.
I hope my reusable cotton will help our earth and make your life happier.

One of my customer told me that she will use this as coasters. Yes, it is just like a quilted coaster.

The product is of three layers of Sarashi bleached cottons.

Sarashi is good enough for skins. Cutting it into small pieces, we use them as a kind of burp cloth (to wipe baby's burp and milk). We make baby's diapers from Sarashi. (and Kimono underwear too.)

Washing more, texture will be softer and comfortable.

I am listing "WAIT AND SEE" of this item. Actually, it should be "Wait and See", but if you wish, you can select any patterns from the below listed. And if you wish, colour (thread) too.

(1) Seigaiha - Eternal Waves - wish for your eternal peaceful life

(2) Hanakikkou - Floral Tortoise Shell - Wish for your enlightenment to many aspects and also wish for longevity (Because tortoise's long life).

(3) Mebuki - Sprouting - Wish for your talent and or something sprouting

(4) Shippou Tsunagi - Rings - Wish for eternal and peaceful life and prosperity.
The image below was stitched as layered rings,  however, you can see different way such as four leaves(or flower petals) lining and so on.

(5) Ume, Japanese Plumn - First flower of Spring-
Ume is the first flower of spring. So we love this flower because "FIRST" "No1" and  "Strength of not beaten by coldness".