More about me

Hi! I am Natsu!!
     Some of you might know the word Natsu means "summer" in Japanese. But my name is written in Hiragana  , not written as summer in Chinese character. This name was given from my grand-ma. She was a Kimono seamstress.I worn her hand-sewn Kimono when I was a little girl. I think that is why I am interested in Kimono so much.

     Myself studied Science of Clothing or Fashion at a private University located in Tokyo.I learned designs, colours, apparel marketing and lots there.       After I got married, I obtained a mom in law who is a master of Japanese Traditional or Classic Dance, Nichibu.

Because of these background, I think I can advise you pretty good or "right" suggestion regarding Kimono and Japanese traditional items, considering the origins and the reasons of Japanese traditional patterns and motives. The knowledge from books and from mom in law and I think those are succeeded from my grand mothers too.  (Grand mothers -my own and my hus's grandma, she was born in MEIJI period!!)

In the same reason, my Kimono scrunchy have always some meanings. I always sew them with wishes for my customers. My works are based on ; 1. Japananese traditional sewing methods (from my grandma), 2. From Knowledges at my University Degree, 3. From Experience as a sales of Kimono, Hanten, Souvenirs from Japan.
I wish you enjoy my Kimono schrunhie too.

Interest :
Kimono, Reading, Sewing Craft , Coffee , Jidaigeki (Japanese old films and dramas), 

Contact : I love to hear from you!


はじめまして。さとう なつ です。